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1997    PhD in Computer Science, Carnegie Mellon University
1990    ScB in Mathematics, Brown University.
2011.08    Generation 244 (triptych 30 minute excerpt) at LACMA central courtyard
                    (curated by the Center for Visual Music), Los Angeles.
2011.07    Commissioned work at Adler Planetarium, Chicago.
2011.06    Electric Sheep App preview in Future Canvas iPad art show, San Francisco.
2011.05    Solo show at Devotion Gallery, Brooklyn, New York.
2011.01    Invited performance at Museum of the Moving Image relaunch party, Queens, NY.
2010.12    Curated into ThinkTank planetarium display, Birmingham, UK.
2010.11    Group show, Able Fine Art, Chelsea, New York.
2010.08    Curated into Streaming Museum, shown on BBC Big Screens,
                    and the 2nd largest LED wall in Europe..
2010.08    Poetics of Code group show at the Chelsea Art Museum, New York.
2010.06    Generation 243 in Digital Art @ Google: Data Poetics Chelsea, New York.
2010.06    Twenty-five projector, 5 channel Dreams projections, Hungary.
2010.05    Finalist in File Prix Lux, Brazil.
2010.04    Dreams in High Fidelity II in HybridArt.ru, Moscow.
2010.03    Two-person show at Michael Berger Gallery, Pittsburgh.
2009.12    Dreams in High Fidelity I and II shown during Art Basel at BKMIA, Miami.
2009.11    The Firebird shown in Contemporary Abstract Animation show, Los Angeles.
2009.09    Generation 243 shown at Gadgetoff, New York.
2009.09    Generation 243 commissioned for Gates Center for Computer Science , Pittsburgh.
2009.08    Symphony at Issue Project Room, Brooklyn, NY
2009.07    Clade receives Critic's Award at the Genetic and Evolutionary Computation
                    Conference, Montreal.
2009.04    Dreams in High Fidelity at Visual Music Marathon, Manhattan.
2008.10    Electric Sheep shown at Generativa (outdoor), SESC Paulista, São Paulo, Brazil.
2008.07    Dreams in High Fidelity at 3LD Art and Technology Center, Manhattan.
2008.02    Electric Sheep in MoMA exhibition website for Design and the Elastic Mind.
2007.05    Dreams in High Fidelity in Love's Secret Domain at 3rd Ward, Brooklyn.
2007.04    Star Oasis in Visual Music Marathon, Northeastern University, Boston.
2006.10    Dreams in High Fidelity in Piksel, Bergen Norway.
2006.08    HiFiDreams in Siggraph Art Gallery, Boston.
2006.06    HiFiDreams in NY Digital Salon's Visual Music show, SVA Chelsea, New York City.
2006.06    HiFiDreams exhibited at International Animated Film Festival, Annecy France.
2005.04    Electric Sheep nominated for Webby Award, New York City.
2004.08    Electric Sheep in Siggraph Art Gallery, Los Angeles.
2004.06    Electric Sheep in GenArt NewFangle exhibition, San Francisco.
2003.04    Lightrhythm Visuals publishes Electric Sheep VJ single, San Francisco.
2002.10    Electric Sheep exhibited at ArtFUTURA, Barcelona.
2001.11    Electric Sheep receives 1st place from the jury at Life/Vida 4.0, Madrid.
1999.02    Bomb wins Prix du Public and 3rd place by the jury at Life/Vida 2.0, Madrid.
1993.04      Flame #149 wins Honorable Mention at Prix Ars Electronica, Linz Austria.

Refereed Publications (artistic):
2004.08  The Electric Sheep Distributed Screen-Saver; SIGGRAPH Sketch.
2003.05  The Interpretation of Dreams; YLEM, Volume 23 #6.
2000.05    Metaprogramming Emergent Graphics; YLEM, Volume 20 #6.
1999.11    First Iteration, Conference on Generative Systems and Electronic Art
                  at Monash University; Inside the Bomb (video documentary).
1997.02    6th Annual Biennial Symposium on Arts and Technology at Connecticut College;
                  In Transit (live performance with graphics); Roger Dannenberg and Scott Draves.

Refereed Publications(scientific):
2010.08    Siggraph Quarterly; The Flame Algorithm and its Open Source Culture
2008.04    International Journal of Bifurcation and Chaos; The Aesthetics and Fractal
                  Dimension of the Electric Sheep. Scott Draves, Ralph Abraham, Pablo Viotti,
                  Fred Abraham, Clint Sprott.
2007.12    Art of Artificial Evolution, Springer; Juan Romero and Penousal Machado (Editors);
                  Evolution and Collective Intelligence of the Electric Sheep (Chapter by Scott Draves).
2006.06    ACM Non-Photorealistic Animation and Rendering; The Electric Sheep and their
                  Dreams in High Fidelity; Scott Draves (invited keynote).
2005.03    Applications of Evolutionary Computing, Springer LNCS 3449; The Electric Sheep
                  Screen Saver: A Case Study in Aesthetic Evolution; Scott Draves.
1998.09    ACM Surveys; Partial Evaluation for Media Processing; Scott Draves.
1997.06    International Conference on Functional Programming;
                  Implementing Bit-addressing with Specialization; Scott Draves.
1990.09    Eurographics Workshop on Animation and Simulation Lausanne;
                  Integration of High Level Animation Controls, Simulation Methods,
                  and Gestural Specification; Zeleznik et al.


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