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M.F.A in Korean Painting, Sang-Myung University Citation, Seoul, Korea
Present Ph.D in Art and Design Department, Sang-Myung University, Seoul, Korea

2015  “Where do we go now”, Gallery Now, Seoul, Korea
2014  “Who Am I”, Chungmu Gallery, Seoul, Korea
2013  “Observer”, Kwanhoon Gallery, Seoul, Korea
2013  Masan Art Center, Masan, Korea
2013  Changdong Gallery, Masan, Korea
2012  Gallery Bhak, Seoul, Korea
2011  “Wish”, Gallery Stanza, Seoul, Korea
2011  “The Heart of Child, Able Fine Art NY Gallery, New York, U.S.A.
2010  “Wish”, Gallery Jinsun, Seoul, Korea
2010  “Innocence”, Gallery M, Seoul, Korea
2010  “Innocence Lost”, Chelsea Art Museum, NY
2009  Artexpo New York, NY, NY
2009  Invitational  Exhibition, Spain Valencia Omaso Gallery, Spain
2009  Shanghai Art fair,Shanghai, China
2009  “Revolution Art 2009 Taipei”, World Trade Center, Taiwan
2009  Invitational Exhibition, Gallery Jung, Seoul, Korea           
2009  “INEART-The Heart of Child (Dolls)”, Gallery Hoshi, Tokyo, Japan
2008  Invitational exhibition, Kyung hyang Gallery, Seoul, Korea
2008  “The Heart of Child”, Insa Art Gallery, Seoul, Korea
2007  Solo Exhibition, Grau Gallery, Korea
2006  “Moving Cape”, Lotte Gallery, Korea
2017  Gallery A, Sungnam, Korea
2013  GIAF, Gyungnam, Korea
2013  Blanc Bleu Hotel Art Fair, Seoul, Korea
2013  “Who are you" Samtan Art Mine, Korea
2013  Korea art summer festival(KASF), Seoul, Korea
2013  “Art Road 77 Art Fair” paju, Korea
2013  SOAF, Seoul, Korea
2012 “Seoul Contemporary Artstar Festival”, Seoul, Korea
2012 “SOAF", Seoul, Korea
2012  ‘K-ART’, Gallery Godo, Seoul, Korea
2011  “Stone Garden”, Lotte Gallery, Seoul, Korea
2011  “Korea Galleries Art Fair 2011”, Seoul, Korea
2011  “Tokyo Frontline Art Fair 2011”, Tokyo, Japan
2011  Singapore Art Stage, Singapore, Singapore
2010  “Beautiful Mountains and Streams”, Hangaram Art Museum, Seoul, Korea
2010  “Young Artist Collection Exhibition”, Gallery Jinsun, Seoul, Korea
2010  “Good morning”, Seoul Art Center, Seoul, Korea
2009  “Busan International Mul-art Show 2009”, Busan, Korea
2009  “Singapore Art Fair”, Singapore
2009  “Hong Kong International Art & Antiques Fair(HKIAAF)”, Hong Kong
2009  “KIAF”, Seoul, Korea
2009  “Shanghai Art Fair”, Shanghai, China
2009  “Blue Dot Asia”, Seoul Arts Center, Seoul, Korea
2009  MBC 60th Anniversary Exhibition, The Art Center of Gwinnett County Spring and Bedford City, Atlanta, US
2009  SOAF Inviting Artists’ Exhibition, Seoul, Korea
2009  New York Art Expo, Jacob Javits Center, New York, US
2009  “New Human”, Hun Gallery, New York, US
2009  “Obscure Layer, Ambiguous Duplication 2-Removal of photographic Reality, Gallery Lux, Seoul, Korea
2009  “Marilyn Monroe”, Gallery Godo, Seoul, Korea
2009  Park, Dae-Cho and Kim, Ji-Hee, Gallery The K, Seoul, Korea
2009  “Too Young”, Han-won Art Museum, Korea
2008  “Two Tales Of Child”, Gallery Jin-sun, Seoul, Korea
2008  “The Chorus Project”, New hun Gallery,  New York and Washington D.C., US
2008  The Young Contemporary Art Museum Opening Exhibition for Gyeonggi Art, Korea
2007  “Poetry, Again, Is Hope”, Sejong Cultural Center, Seoul, Korea
2006  “Amang”, Gongpyeong Art Center, Seoul, Korea

Gyeong-gi Provincial Art Museum, Korea
City Hall of Won-ju, Korea
Boseung Green Tea Museum, Korea
Gallery Won, Korea
Sang Myung University Museum, Korea
Gyeng-hyang Gallery, Korea
Gallery Dos, Korea
Gallery Jung, Korea2010 Songchu Art Valley
(Eco environmental sculpture competition, The grand prize)

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