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Jeon Nak
Born in Seoul, Korea and works in New York, USA

1986 B.F.A Painting, College of Arts & Design, Mok Won University, Daejeon, Korea 

Solo Exhibitions
2016 Mysterious Universe, Able Fine Art NY Gallery, New York, USA
2016 Mysterious Universe, Able Fine Art NY Gallery, Seoul, Korea
2016 Mysterious Universe, Gallery Chungdam, Daegu, Korea
2016 Mysterious Universe, Row Gallery, Gyeongju, Korea
2015 Nexus, Able Fine Art NY Gallery, New York, USA
2014 Axis, Able Fine Art NY Gallery, Seoul, Korea
2014 Axis, Able Fine Art NY Gallery, New York, USA  

Art Fairs
2018 Art New York, USA
2017 Affordable Art Fair Hong Kong, Hong Kong, China
2017 Affordable Art Fair Singapore, F1 Pit Building, Singapore
2017 Art Up, Parc Expo Rouen, Avenue des Canadiens, France
2017 LA Art Show, Los Angeles Convention Center, Los Angeles, USA
2016 ST.ART Fair, Strasbourg, France
2016 AAF Singapore, F1 Pit Building, Singapore
2016 Daegu Art Fair, Daegu, Korea
2016 Art Fair Cologne, Cologne, Germany
2016 AAF Battersea Park, London, UK
2016 AAF Seoul, Seoul, Korea
2016 Art Hamptons Market, NY, USA
2016 Art Hamptons, NY, USA
2016 Busan Art Show, Busan, Korea
2016 Art Gyeongju, Gyeongju, Korea
2016 AAF Hong Kong, Hong Kong, China
2016 AAF Milano, Milano, Italia
2016 LA ART SHOW 2016, Los Angeles Convention Center, Los Angeles, USA
2015 AAF Singapore, F1 Pit Building, Singapore
2015 Daegu Art Fair, Daegu, Seoul
2015 AAF Battersea Park, London, UK
2015 Korea International Art Fair (KIAF), COEX, Seoul, Korea
2015 AAF Seoul, Dongdaemun Design Plaza, Seoul, Korea
2015 AAF Hong Kong, Hong Kong, China
2015 World Art Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
2015 Affordable New York, NY, USA
2015 Art Expo, New York, USA
2015 Art Show Busan, Seoul, Korea
2015 Art Gyeongju, Seoul, Korea
2015 SOAF (Seoul Open Art Fair), Korea
2015 London Art Fair London, London, UK
2014 Contemporary Istanbul, Istanbul, Turkey

* Review
When Technique Gives Birth to Vision
- Lenticular Art by Jeon Nak
            By Mary Gregory
In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, a new technology, photography, was in its nascent stages.  Primarily used as a scientific, documentary tool, it would take decades before artists began experimenting with it as a source of creative work.  Early photographs by Edward Steichen, Alfred Stieglitz, Eadweard James Muybridge and others hinted at the possibilities of the medium.  Eventually, artists like Man Ray and Ansel Adams found a way to express their own personal visions through the camera. 

In the second half of the 20th century, abstraction became the predominant voice in the art world, and in recent years, abstract photography is beginning to be explored by inventive artists with complex and varied visions.  Able Fine Art Gallery has been poised at the forefront of galleries presenting and promoting cutting-edge abstract photography.

Jeon Nak continues the tradition of seeking to find new ways to utilize technology in his artwork.  Lenticular printing has been around for decades.  It uses a grooved lens and a special printing technique to simulate the sense of depth or create an apparently moving image.  But what was once used for advertising and postcards, or for curiosities or trinkets, is now being employed by artists like Jeon to create complex and arresting seemingly three-dimensional works.

In his series titled Axis, swirling vortexes of light and color emerge from a dark ground.  The printing methodology allows the image to move and change with the angle of vision. Jeon's works depict three-dimensional, imaginary spaces that morph and change, starting as one thing and becoming something else.

It would be difficult to see these images and not be reminded of mathematical constructions or the reaches of space and the universe.  Many of the creations recall galaxies, nebulae and even supernovas, exploding with color and light.  Axis-Point, a wall-sized triptych brings to mind images of the Milky Way galaxy seen from the side, and even retains the sense of a scientific presentation through the grid of lines and dots that almost seem like depictions of electromagnetic fields, sonar or radio waves.  The fact that most of the images in Jeon's Axis series are circular in format only heightens this sense of planets and stars meeting in his works. 

Throughout the history of art, scientific means have led to new forms of artistic expression.  Indeed, scientific inquiry and the creative mind often dwell together.  In his new series, Korean artist Jeon Nak creates striking and startling images that combine a sensitive use of color and line, a simple yet vibrant visual field, and a new and exciting medium and method for achieving his unique vision.

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