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 "Mu-Reung-Do-Won"  39"x110", Korean Ink on Korean paper, 2009
   Koo, Bon-A is a candidate for a PhD in Fine Art and received her B.F.A
   and M.F.A at Hong-Ik University, Seoul, Korea. She has had numerous solo
   exhibitions at Insa Art Center, Seoul ; Korean Culture Center in Paris, France 
   and Contemporary Museum of Hong-Ik University, Seoul. 
   The main themes of Koo’s pieces are based on an old Korean saying
   ‘Wol-In-Chun-Kang-Ji-Kog. It is one of the most important topics in the religious
   meditation ‘Son’. Translated, it means ‘the moon that sheds light over a thousand
   rivers’. She explains that depending on who notices it, the moon that is reflected
   in the rivers stirs a different emotion from everyone. Meditation is a reoccurring
   subject in her work; a Zen quality presents in all her pieces. 

"Sameness, Division, Difference-1"  11"x11"x11", Eyeglass lenses, copper, acrylic and electronics, 2007

  Lee, Sun-Me was born in Korea and received her M.F.A at Kook-Min
  University, Seoul, Korea. She has exhibited in galleries and museums in Korea;
  Dae-an Space Nun, UV House and the Museum of Art in Su-won.
  Lee's installation work, "Sameness, Division, Difference" using eyeglass lenses,
  examines the subjectivity of perception. She installs the lighting inside of the cube
  and it is refracted when passed through a frame of eyeglasses lenses. The shadow
  from the refraction makes various images. They seem to be traces of people. Due
  to its three- dimensionality, the work expands when viewed from various angles.

"The Rhythm of Life"   51"x63", Oil on canvas, 2007
  Shin, Jung-Deok
received his B.F.A and M.F.A at Hong-Ik University, Seoul,
   Korea. He was awarded a Vermont Studio Center Residency Program Freeman Full
   Fellowship in 2000 and 2001. He has had numerous solo exhibitions in Seoul, Paris,
   Italy, Geneva, and Beijing. He is a professor of Fine Art at Han-Nam University,
   Shin's art has been based on the formation of life. In his work, "The Rhythm of
   Life", he uses slices of Chinese quince to construct his work. The slices are  
   randomly arranged to overlap on the picture and painted with colors. With
   overlapping technique and the monochromatic color scheme, Shin creates 
   a very distinct aesthetic and rhythmical quality. In his work he expresses vivacity
   of life while creating a new form of Oriental based aesthetic.

"The Blue"  46"x35", Acrylic on canvas, 2010

   Suh, Kyoung-Ja received her B.F.A and M.F.A. at Hong-Ik University,
    Seoul, Korea. She has had numerous solo exhibitions at Sun Gallery, Seoul;
    at Calerie EVERARTS, Paris, France; China Council, Shanghai and 9-Art Space,
    Beijing, China among other venues. Also she has participated in various art fairs 
    in Asia, including China Shaghai Internatioanl Art Fair, MANIF Seoul-International
    Art Fair, Seoul and Beijing International Art Biennale

    Like the title suggests, Suh’s piece “The Blue” is an exploration of the
    consciousness and its visual manifestation. The natural imagery can be perceived
    as a parallel for the artist’s own strive for life. Suh focuses on forms that remain
   strong and constant despite the ever-changing environment. Through color and form, she exposes her own spirit. 

"Shadow Trace"   36"x25", Acrylic on canvas, 2010

                                             Youn, Hye-Sung received her B.F.A. at Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea
  and studied at Ecole Superior of Fine Art of Marseille, and DNSP and DNSEP, France.
  She has exhibited in many galleries and museums in France, Korea and other countries;
  at Gallery 89, Paris, France; Yesong Art Museum, Seoul and Seoul Arts Center, Seoul;
   New York Open Center, New York.

   Using shadow as a main theme, Youn expresses the duality of life. Through playing
   with light versus dark and visible versus invisible, she creates the shadow imagery. 
   She addresses the active role of light as being the source of shadow, which serves as 
   a metaphor for light being the source of life. In recent work, Youn focuses on the
   shadows of foliage. She attributes humanistic qualities to the leaves by composing them
   as if in conversation with one-another.ong and constant despite the ever
   changing environment. Through color and form, she exposes her own spirit.


We provided the group exhibition of 2010 winners in our gallery on Dec.01- Dec. 15, 2010.


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