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49"x 24", Newspaper and coffee ground, 2009

   Choi, Eun-Jung received her B.A. and M.F.A. in Sculpture at the Ewha
   Women’s University in Seoul, Korea. Choi has shown her work in solo exhibits
   at Jinsun Gallery, Kwanhoon Gallery, Alternative Space Pool, and Song-Eun
   Gallery in Seoul, Korea. She was the first place winner at the Paperculture Art
   Fair, Kwanhoon Gallery Multi-Media Art Competition, and received the Award
   of Excellence at the Kyoung-In Art Fair.  

   In her work,“Time” series, she produces form and airy movements, in her
   sculptures and what one might call a mixture of sculpture and painting, 
   through her dexterous use of newspaper across the space. Choi seeks to
   communicate that which is invisible and subconscious; through the
   manifestation of the newspaper into form we can begin to grasp the unattainable. 


"THE CRANES"   24"x36", Oil on canvas, 2010

   Emilia Dubicki studied Communication Sciences at the University of
   Connecticut and received her M.A and M.F.A in Creative Writing and Literature,
   and Publishing at Emerson College. She has had solo and group exhibitions
   at the Julie Heller Gallery, Gallery 195, and Kehler Liddell Gallery in Connecticut. 

   She concerns herself with using natural world and all the elements as a focal
   point in her paintings. Although all the imagery is non-figural and at first glance
   entirely abstracted, the environmental influences are noticeable by her use of
   both her color scheme and composition. In her statement she writes: “the
   resulting paintings are made in the studio: compilations of memories, emotions
   and visuals interpreted, felt, and expressed in the moment of painting.”

"FOUND OBJECT 0809-33"   380x700, Steel, Iron cauldron lids, 2008
   Kang, Hyung-Goo received his B.F.A in Hong-Ik University in Seoul,
   Korea and then later got his MFA in Rochester Institute of Technology
   in the United States. Kang continued his studies and received his
   doctorate in Hongik University in Seoul, Korea. Currently he teaches 
   in Kyungil University in Korea. He has participated in various group and
   solo shows all over Korea. He was also invited to exhibit in the 3rd
   France Paris Arts Collection as well as many art fairs all over the world.

    Furniture designer, Kang is concerned with modernity.His furniture reflects 
   the aesthetic of the ‘found’ objects, working with the transformation of furniture
 to make it into an art form, rather than simple functionality. In his statement, Kang informs that the  “objects in this 
 work are traditional utensils by the medium of 'nostalgia', such as iron cauldron lids, reeds, tridents, and traditional
 woodworking tools.” Through his work he hopes to: “present the natural beauty and nostalgia of Korean traditional
 utensils, whetstone bases, as a new function.”

"NATURE 2011-2"   33.9"x22.8", Acrylic on canvas, 2011

   Lee, Young-In currently lives in Paris, France. He received his B.F.A in
   Kyung-Ki University in Korea. In 2009, he had a solo exhibition titled “Nature”
   at Le Présidial in Quimperlé, France. He has also been featured in several
   group shows in many countries including China, France and South Korea.

   In his work Lee addresses the contrasts of light and shadow and ultimately
   strives to break away from and hopefully destroy the constant contradictions
   we face in reality today. To accomplish this he carefully divides up the space
   to create pieces that are a cross between painting and sculpture which both
 allows and encourages viewers to discover their own meaning. In his own words, Lee wants “to find a new meaning 
 and a new space through the process of transformation and re-composition of the typical square canvas.” 

"ONSET OF CURE"  30"x45", Photomicrography print on canvas, 2000

  Margaret Oechsli was born and raised in Poland, now resides in United
  States. She is emerging as an important artist in the relatively new style of
  photography. Her work elicits the natural existence of art within science -
  at a microscopic level. She has had solo exhibitions at Louisville Science
  Center, Galeria Pod Plafonem in Poland, ArtPoint 222 in Vienna, and Austria.

  For Margaret the microscope is just a tool for creating a new genre of visual
   art photo-micrographic art. Her intention is to find the artistic images existing
in nature and bring them to the surface.  Margaret writes that “By exploring the beauty and tranquility of a wide
variety of chemical agents, I am trying to convey the charm of images derived from natural compounds in an
aesthetic medium.” During this process, Margaret discovered a wide spectrum of colors and shapes creating a
dynamic composition of strong movement and form.

"TRANSFORMED DESIRE-WOMAN"  35.8"x 28.6", Enamel and lacquer paint on canvas, 2010

  Park, Jung-Sun received both his BFA and MFA in Incheon University
  in Korea. Later on he continued his studies in the Hongik University in Seoul,
  Korea where he received his Ph.D. Park has been a participant in many group
  and individual exhibitions, most recently exhibiting in Insa Art Center and in
  Gallery Kyunghyang in Korea. He has also had his work displayed in various
  Art Fairs including BlueDot Asia 2009 in Seoul and Art Zone in Beijing.

  He writes that he “chooses, transforms, and reconstructs these symbols and
  images of desire from usual mass media such as internet or magazine.” 
  technique that he applies in his art is especially interesting, “he uses tools
 like O.H.P. film to initially transform and reconstruct excerpted images that is expressed in 2nd-degree screen
 (or 3rd-degree screen for a halftone), contrasting light and darkness clearly.” In his paintings the viewer is faced
  with a duality and the coexistence of the conscious and sub-conscious.


"MY TOWN"   28.6"x23.9", Sewing on the paper, 2010

  Ro, Shin-Kyoung received her B.A and M.F.A in Oriental Painting at the Sungshin
  Women’s University, where she is now working on her Doctorate in the same field.
  She has had solo exhibitions in Gana Art Space, Artspace Hyun, Gallery DOS, Insa
  Gallery and Moro Gallery in Seoul, Korea. She has also shown her work in numerous
  group exhibitions and won several awards including 1st prize in the non
  -representational section of the 29th Korea Art Contest held at the Gyeonghee
   Palace branch of the Seoul Museum of Art in 2010.

  She uses fabric and sewing on canvas in her work to break away from not only the
  conventional methods of patchwork but the representation of lines and shapes in
  painting and drawing as well.  Ro utilizes these techniques to embody her thoughts
  and life in a distinctive way, set apart from what has been done with the medium
  in traditional oriental and western patchwork. 



We provided the group exhibition of 2011 winners in our gallery on April 26 - May 10, 2011.



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