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"Fountain of Life"    58” x 17.5” x 17.5”, Metalized resin, 2011

Mexican sculptor, Leonardo Pereznieto, is one of the co-founders of
Post-Romanticism in Mexico. He has exhibited his work in prominent museums
and galleries in Florence, London, Paris, Frankfurt, New York, Los Angeles,
Mexico City, and many more. Some of his awards include a Best of Show:
Gold Medal at Italy Award for Visual Arts, Premio in Firenze. He has delivered
over 50 lectures around the world: including the NY Academy of Art, University
of Michigan, and Celebrity Centre in Florence.

Pereznieto’s recent works consist of sculptures made of metalized resin in blue
and silver color. He states, “Like Romantic artists, my work captures human feelings,
sensuality and beauty in a way that mirrors and at the same time idealizes visual
reality.” His sculptures have a lifelike quality, which is nevertheless full of imagination
and fancy; a delicate sensual touch; a passionate sense of the spirituality of earthly

    5.8” x 5.9” x 13.8”, Claw Hammer, 2011

Park, Ju-Hyun was born in Busan, Korea. Park has received B.F.A in design at
Dong-Ah University and M.F.A. in sculpture at Busan University. He has received
awards and selected as emerging artist from number of competitions. He constantly
participates in many competitions and in diverse group exhibitions in Korea and

Park portrays the desire that people seek in their daily lives using materials such as
hammer, bat, sickle, wooden spoon, and scissors. In his work, “Story of Tools”,
he realistically illustrates various stories with humor and irony in a theatrical way.
He engraves the imagery generated by the tools and explores the relationship
between tools and human beings through his vision.


"Coalesce 2"    24” x 36”, Acrylic on Canvas, 2011

Steve Hickok was born in Phoenix, Arizona, and his work has been featured
internationally in cities such as New York, Chicago, London, and Paris, and
he was recognized in the 2011 issue of Art in America. For over twelve years he
has collaborated with younger artists, educating and encouraging them in the
pursuit of their careers.  Hickok, himself, was the youngest artist accepted by the
Suzanne Brown Gallery in Scottsdale, Arizona where he exhibited along with Fritz
Scholder and Ed Mell.

In his latest series, "Stories and Squares," he focuses on the stories of adopted
children who are emotionally in chaos and pain and how they are saved by love.
Their recovery is life-affirming. Using the faces and the handprints of children adopted by friends and family, he combines
a variety of techniques as well as photographic images from different parts of the world. Steve approaches each square
as if it already has its own personality.

"Uncomfortable Nap" 
  35.8”x 28.6”, Oil on Canvas, 2011

Kim, Ji- Young received her B.F.A. and M.F.A. in Painting at the Hong-Ik
University in Seoul, Korea.  Kim has had numerous solo and group shows
in different galleries located in Seoul, Beijing, Chicago, and New York. She
also was selected as one of the artists at Kumho Art Studio Residency.

 Kim begins her process by making a collage of several images to create
 unique compositions, then she paints them together onto her choice of
 background to create her special allegories. She tries to evoke thoughts and
 emotions through the viewer so that they could find an alternate reality which
 hasn’t been realized yet. Through her juxtapositions of the eccentric images
she wishes to “stimulate the viewers’ external eye, open up unlimited possibilities for free thoughts and ideas in our perception.”

"Light and Color"  40"x40", Mixed Media, 2011

Kim, Wan received his B.F.A. and M.F.A. in Design and Painting in Youngnam University in Korea. He has exhibited his work in many places such as Cube
Gallery, Kwanhoon Gallery in Korea, Sunshine International Art Museum and
Shanghai Municipal Art Gallery in China. Kim also won the Grand Prize Award
and an Excellence award from Daegu Municipal Art contest and Pohang
International Art Festival.


Kim uses lines as his main focus. In Oriental philosophy, straight lines
display the spiritual world or ‘Zen’, which emphasizes experiential wisdom
in the attainment of enlightenment. He makes straight lines with different
colors not only to express an energetic spirit, but also for his own
experiments. Kim creates the rough texture by cutting a bind part of the book
 in half and putting it on top of the canvas. The coarseness of the book creates a straight line, allowing him to play
 with different colors to give distinctive character.

"Photism #12"  20"x28", Photograph,2011

Oh, Se-Chul received a B.F.A. and a M.F.A. in photography at Nihon
University in Japan. He has had numerous solo exhibitions in Tokyo,Seoul,
and Taiwan, and participated in many group exhibitions in Korea, Japan, Taiwan, and U.S.  Also he has received awards from Tokyo’s international professional photo fair, 2nd Tokyo international Photo-Biennale, and Konika
image promoting foundation scholarship. His work has been collected by
Nihon University and Kiyosato Photo Art Museum.


Oh’s recent works possess a specific technical quality that plays with colors,
 saturation, lighting, and texture. While some of his photos can be seen as documentations of neglected spaces through the aftermath of a rapidly developing megalopolis, others simply
have the purpose of exposing new shapes of weathering and corrosion through his own perspective.

"The Judgement Tree"  
20"x24", Oil-based Ink, Enamel, and Modeling pasteon canvas, 2011

Tana Kazakowitz was born in Minsk, Russia where she studied Fine Art.
Her work has been exhibited in many galleries such as Wheelhorse Gallery
in New York, The Museum of American Art New Britain, and White Space
 Gallery in Connecticut. Also her work was collected by the Museum of
 American Art New Britain Connecticut.


Tana explores her own experience and develops personal emotion in her
paintings and drawings. With her abundance of details and bright palette,
she creates remarkably textured scenery in her work. Her work also speaks
for human individuality as she believes that “
New Art -- high tech, bold, multi-
form, yet not lacking in something of the human essence. Modern spirit must
not allow modernity to exceed the limits of good taste.''


We provided the group exhibition of 2012 winners in our gallery on January 12 - January 22, 2012
(Chelsea, New York) and December 01 - December 11, 2011( Seoul, Korea)


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